22 January 2007

How Monday blues became magical and sparkling

Yep. Did promise to post last weekend, but didn't. Sorry.

All energy just disappeared after talking to the boss Friday before last. Thing is that I am quitting what probably was my dream job, but... The job I am going to is probably not even half as interesting, but hopefully it is with a better functioning group. I have 5 weeks transfer time (the good thing working at a large organisation is that you can move job without changing your main employer), but I can honestly say that after having done the first week that this will be sheer hell! This is how I feel right now:

The day today started with a dental appointment, and it being Monday in week 2 of 5, I could have been in better spirit...

So imagine the joy that I felt when I opened the door this morning to find that the postwoman had left a HUGE parcel outside my door. It was my Blogging by Mail parcel and it was from Stephanie at the Happy Sorceress. Stephanie is the organiser of 2 BBMs in a row - and has been amazing in organising this as well as being a very busy blogger (and mum, wife, dog owner, etc etc). Girl power!! :)

So today at work has absolutely dragged on, since I did not have time to open the parcel this morning but had to wait until this evening. I attacked the parcel the minute I was through the door (patience, what patience??) WOW! To all other superlatives that can be said about Stephanie please add kind, warm and generous!! Enough said, here are pictures of what I got!

Included in the parcel was also a cd with Christmas songs from the 40s and 50s - with the lovely scratchy sound from a record player needle - which are all going onto my mp3 right now. This cd will be treasured indeed!! And a lovely note. Heartfelt thanks to Stephanie and family!


Stephanie said...

I am sooo happy you like it!

And glad I had something to do with improving your Monday.

barbie2be said...

stephanie is just the best, isn't she! :)

we big puffy heart her!