28 September 2006

It's wellbeing time!

Wow! Was I surprised when there was a note for me about (another) parcel to pickup from the post? Yes, I was. But that is nothing compared to the surprise when I see that it is from my blog friend Jenn in South Korea! A big box full of goodies! There was a heavenly smell when I opened it! Have only just got time to post some photos here now - then I must hide the box. I have friends coming for dinner - and I want to keep the goodies to me, me, me!! (Have I been single for too long?) Thank you so much Jenn! What a fantastic surprise! Will write more about this as soon I have started tasting it all! Maybe the guests will leave early so I can start to munch already tonight (if not I will have to share it with them..). Anyway here are the pictures!


Jelly said...

Yay! I'm so glad it arrived! I hope you enjoy it, my friend! (And what did you have for dinner tonight?)
Blogger is giving me such a hard time !!

Jelly said...

Hi Eva! I can't find your e-mail address! Can you e-mail me, please?