21 November 2006

Long time...

It is strange how quickly time flies... or not as the case maybe at other times. Anyway, have been really been neglecting my blog for the last couple of months. Reasons? Well, have been overloaded with work since beginning of September, and then my mum has been ill. But mum is better now, and job well that is getting better too!

Especially since I will be leaving on my life's holiday (so far) in about two weeks time! A month in South east Asia; Northern Thailand, Laos and Cambodia. It's going to be so fun!!

Will try to post a bit before the departure, but then there will be another blog pause of about a month. But then there will be photos, and recipes, and photos!!

Life has become a bit dreich here after the best autumn for a long time. But soon the warmth and the light will be back! :)

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