03 December 2006

Dreaming of Christmas..!

In just 5 days time I will have arrived to the first destination on my SE Asia holiday - Phitsanoluk. The though of heat and fantastic Thai food warms the spirit a grey and miserable day like today!

Another ten days later and I will be crossing the border to Laos, and spend a few days in Vientiane.

But then, at Christmas, comes the coup de coeur - Siem Reap and the temple areas. That will be one very special Christmas Eve and Christmas Eve.

The attached photo is not mine - since I have not been there yet, but are borrowed from unknowing friends in cyber space!

And finally, yes there is a new Blogging-By-Mail on the go, and I have shipped a parcel over the waters (not mentioning which waters..). Hopefully there will be a parcel waiting for me when I come back!

Have a great Christmas everybody! :)

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Jelly said...

Gigha! What's going on?! Are you back from your trip? Dish, please!