09 July 2007


Not only did I eat well when I was in Bretagne, but I brought some souvenirs with me back home. Forgot to take the photo immediately so the Saint Nectaire is already a distant memory! But here's what's still there!

Paté breton with chestnuts; rillettes (a kind of pate) one with red mullet (and wild fennel) and one with scallops (and crispy seaweed); marinated salicorne; beurre au sel fumé (butter with smoked salt); two kinds of dried seaweed (nori and wakamé); croutons with nori; spring honey; and edible lavender and also a bunch of fresh lavender from Jersey (Channel Islands - yes, I was there too)


Lena said...

Mat igen, hm, vad tänker du mer på?`

Gigha said...

Vad mer än mat kan där finnas att tänka på?? :)

Jelly said...

Mmmmm! That all looks yummy! Do you like seaweed? You bought a lot of products there with seaweed! If you like it, I'm going to send you some more!

Gigha said...

I have started to eat seaweed lately, and find salicorne (and similar seaweeds) really delicious. Some of them we can get fresh here, although at a price... But I got really fond of the dried wakamé that I bought and also the nori. They are both smokey and I am now trying to find ways to incorporate them in my cooking. So any ideas are very welcome!