24 July 2007

Five months...

It is five months to Christmas Eve today! Cruel I know... But that also means that it is five months left until I am here again:
will not do this climb again this year, I think once is definitely enough!

But it is "only" 133 days until I leave!! :)

And, yes I am counting the days!!


Stephanie said...

Oooh...are you doing another tour of Asia??

Gigha said...

I am indeed! :)

Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos - if all goes to plan. Vietnam with a small group, and then Cambodia and Laos independently. Four weeks in total, and have even chosen to do something very odd for New Years Eve - when I will be in the air between Hong Kong and Paris going home!

It is difficult working through summer with only a week's holiday, but it will be worth it (so I keep telling myself!)

Anonymous said...

Det låter fantastiskt skönt men du önskar så tiden rinner iväg alldelse för snabbt.
Ha det bra

Stephanie said...

Eva, that sounds wonderful!

I wonder if they'll serve champagne on the flight home?!

Gigha said...


I am definitely counting on bubbly!!

But what I also hope is that not so many people will be flying a night like that - i.e. I will get more room to sleep! :)

Will arrive to Paris 6 in the morning on New Years Day, so will take the train home and then unpack, unwind, sleep, and be lazy until I go back to work the 3 Jan.