12 July 2007

A zoo with a difference

I, like most adults, am normally not a great fan of zoological parks. But Dunnells on Jersey is a zoo with a difference. I remember watching documentaries about the monkeys at Dunnells, so even though I am not a fan of zoos generally, I really wanted to see the monkeys and the monkey enclosures in real life. So when I had the chance to spend a day on Jersey the zoo was a must. Here are some of the great animals I encountered!

Talk to the hand!

Look I can eat with both my right and left hand!

Hide and seek

Meditation in progress

Where are you?

Oh, there you are!


Myra said...

I've been lookin' back n forward for a while, now. You have some lovely pictures. :)

Gigha said...

Have not visited your blog yet, but will come for a visit soon! :)

Jelly said...

What makes this zoo different? Is it because all of the natural style habitats for the animals? It looks like a nice place for them to be!

Gigha said...

I suppose that the biggest different is that the habitat is natural, and for most of the animals also bigger. They even have monkeys that roam free in the trees of the park. But like any zoo there were also animals that I would have liked to see have a bigger enclosure (in my opinion wolves always have to small enclosures in all zoos). But I did not see any stressed animals, which is a good thing!