07 October 2007

More sightseeing

Thought I would show you some more Malmö photos.

First, Malmö's oldest pharmacy - in the same building since 1898.

And then, some photos from an exhibition that I visited - the very famous Swedish painter Carl Larson's home Sundborn was partly taken down to Malmö. It was really well done, and I enjoyed it immensely (and yes, I did ask before taking the photos).

Lastly, some photos from a concert I went to the last night before going back home (and here I did not ask permission to photograph... :) ) Only Swedes will know the guy, and only if their eyesight is very good (cause photos are not that great), but still want to share some Swedish culture with you..! :)

Weekend has been lovely here with sunshine and autumnal colours, but I have been in bed with a seasonal cold/flu. But if weather stays ok I will try and take some photos next weekend.

55 days left! :)

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