15 August 2007

Sweet delights

A few weeks ago I received my Blogging By Mail parcel. It came from Texas, from Marye at Baking Delights.

I was delighted to find Marye's custom blended coffee - I have never tasted freshly grounded coffee before, so this will be a true treat.

The jar with chipotle granules smells divine, and have already been put to good use! Love the smokiness and the heat! So there is no surprise that a chocolate with chipotle did not last long! :) The magazine that Marye has included has lots of interesting recipes that I will try to make good use of. Unfortunately some other things that Marye had included (tea and soap) were too damaged by the transport for me to be able to enjoy them, which was a pity but "that's life"! Heartfelt thanks Marye for this very thoughtful parcel!

Ps. 111 days left until my holiday... :)


marye said...

so sorry about the things that were messed up but glad you were able to enjoy some of it!

marye said...

I got your package today..you are too kind! I am thrilled.
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